The Edmonton Property Value Finder is a tool for Edmontonians to find out the assessed value of their property from the City of Edmonton Open Data Set. I built this app to learn about consuming data from a web API and chose to make something that could benefit others as well.

The first iteration of the app used the Bootstrap 4 Framework for front-end components and jQuery for handling the API requests. The second iteration of the app is built as an Angular single page application with Angular Material for front-end components.

Although the data is from the City of Edmonton, I cannot guarantee the accuracy or the freshness of the data.

Try Out the App

So what’s it do?

The app takes your property’s address and finds the corresponding assessment value for it.

  1. Input your property address
  2. The app will submit a get request with the query string parameters to the City of Edmonton Open Data API
  3. The app receives the data and identifies your assesement value
  4. The app displays the assessment value

Nice to have feature: Neighbourhood Average

With the data set containing a neighbourhood field, I would like to implement a feature that displays the average assessment of your neighbourhood. Display this side by side with your assessed value so that you have an idea of where your property stands in relation to your neighbours.